cash discount

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Englisch - Türkisch
peşin indirimi
peşin ödeme indirimi
(Askeri) PEŞİN TEDİYE İSKONTOSU: Derhal veya belirli bir süre içinde yapılan tediye dikkate alınarak, malın fiyatından kabul edilen bir indirme. Bu indirme, genellikle, yüzde miktariyle ifade edilir
(Ticaret) nakit ıskontosu
(Ticaret) nakit iskontosu
(Ticaret) kasa iskontosu
can you give me a cash discount
(isim)kit indirimi verebilir misiniz
can you give me a cash discount
nakit indirimi verebilir misiniz
is a cash discount possible
(isim)kit indirimi olanağı var mı
is a cash discount possible
nakit indirimi olanağı var mı
Englisch - Englisch
Price reduction or discount on bills paid early Terms of "2/10, Net 30," for example, means that a 2% discount is granted if the bill is paid within 10 days Otherwise, the entire amount is due within 30 days
a discount given to the buyer as an incentive to render immediate payment or payment within a specific time frame
Reduction in price that is given for prompt payment of a bill
An incentive offered by the seller to encourage the buyer to pay within a stipulated time For example, if the terms are 2/10/N 30, the buyer may deduct 2 percent from the amount of the invoice (if paid within 10 days) otherwise, the full amount is due in
A simple price reduction given to a buyer for prompt payment or payment in cash p 578
A reduction granted by a supplier from the invoice price in consideration of immediate payment or payment within a stipulated period
A reduction in the amount that has to be paid on an account payable or receivable if payment is made within a specified time limit
A reduction in sales or purchase price, allowed by a vendor, for payment before the due date of the bill It is generally expressed as a percentage of the billed price For example, a cash discount of"2/10 net 30" indicates a 2 percent price reduction given for payment within the first 10 days of a 30 day billing period
A discount offered to businesses if a bill is paid by a certain date
A discount offered to a purchaser in a store for paying in cash, as the retailer will avoid paying any transaction charges and will get the funds instantly Larger multiple stores are unlikely to offer cash discounts, as their transaction charges are calculated from head office
A reduction in the price of an item for sale allowed if payment is made within a stipulated period. an amount by which a seller reduces a price if the buyer pays immediately or before a particular date
Reduction in cost of advertising space or time for cash payment, usually 2% of the net cost
A reduction in the price of goods given to encourage early payment
A percentage deduction from the purchase price; available to the credit customer who pays its account within a specified time (Chapter 14)
An additional discount granted by media to agencies for prompt payment
Cash discount is given as an incentive to pay an invoice by a given date
An incentive offered to purchasers of a firm's product for payment within a specified time period, such as ten days
A deduction that is given for prompt payment of a bill
A form of discount in which customers paying cash, rather than buying on credit, pay lower prices
an allowance or deduction granted by the vendor that reduces the price of goods received This is typically used as an incentive to pay an invoice within a specific time frame
a reduction in the price of merchandise that is granted by a seller to a purchaser in exchange for the purchaser's making payment within a specified period of time called the discount period (p 227)
Discount offered on merchandise sold to encourage prompt payment; offered by sellers of merchandise and represent sales discounts to the seller when they are used and purchase discounts to the purchaser of the merchandise (See p 222)
a -price reduction offered for immediate cash payment
a reduction in price offered to a buyer in return for prompt settlement of account See Discount
cash discount


    cash dis·count

    Türkische aussprache

    käş dîskaunt


    /ˈkasʜ dəsˈkount/ /ˈkæʃ dɪsˈkaʊnt/

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