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Facebook'un kurucusu Mark Zuckerberg neredeyse bir kazanova. - The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is almost a casanova.

Kavanozumda bir kazanova var. - There is a casanova in my jar.

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A promiscuous, philandering man
A man considered romantic and gallant, especially one who gives amorous attentions to women
a man who has had sexual relationships with many women (Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (1725-98), Italian famous for having many lovers)
{i} Giovanni Jacopo Casanova (1725-1798), Italian adventurer and writer; womanizer, great lover; family name
any man noted for his amorous adventures
any man noted for his amorous adventures an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)
an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)
Giacomo Casanova
an Italian writer famous for having had many lovers (1725-98)
Giovanni Giacomo Casanova
born April 2, 1725, Venice died June 4, 1798, Dux, Bohemia Italian ecclesiastic, writer, soldier, spy, and diplomatist. Expelled from a seminary for scandalous conduct, he launched a dissolute career that took him throughout Europe. In Venice in 1755 he was denounced as a magician and imprisoned; he escaped and fled to Paris, where he mingled with the aristocracy. Fleeing from creditors, he took the name Chevalier de Seingalt and traveled again before returning to Venice in 1774 to become a spy for the Venetian inquisitors of state. He spent his late years (1785-98) as librarian to the Count von Waldstein in Bohemia. His huge autobiography, first published in 12 volumes in 1825-38, gives a splendid picture of 18th-century Europe; it established his reputation as an extraordinary seducer of women
Giovanni Jacopo Casanova
{i} Casanova (1725-1798), Italian adventurer and writer



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    /ˌkasəˈnōvə/ /ˌkæsəˈnoʊvə/


    [ "ka-z&-'nO-v&, "ka-s&a ] (noun.) 1888. Eponym from Giovanni Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798), Venetian writer and adventurer.

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