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uydurma haber
mousse de canard
bir kek türü
Türkisch - Türkisch
Yanlış ses
Englisch - Englisch
A false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so

It’s a cinch, now that Spurling has cleared away a century’s worth of misapprehensions and canards.

A type of aircraft in which the primary horizontal control and stabilization surfaces are in front of the main wing
Any small winglike structure on a vehicle, usually used for stabilization
Pertaining to an aerodynamic vehicle in which horizontal surfaces used for trim and control are forward of the main lifting surface; the horizontal trim and control surfaces in such an arrangement
The horizontal surface forward of the wing used to control pitch It's found on very few aircraft Also the word used to describe aircraft that have a main wing and a horizontal control surface in the nose also called, "tail first" aircraft
A canard is an idea or a piece of information that is false, especially one that is spread deliberately in order to harm someone or their work. The charge that Harding was a political stooge may be a canard. a piece of news that is false and is told to people deliberately in order to harm someone (vendre des canards à moitié )
a deliberately misleading fabrication
1 a small, forward-mounted wing, usually between the sponsons and often adjustable for trim, either by pivoting about a lateral axis or by hinged or sliding flaps on the trailing edge; also "foreplane" or "noseplane" in aeronautical terms
An airplane designed to have its normal horizontal tail surface on the front rather than the rear of its fuselage
An aeroplane with the tailplane and elevators at the front, rather than the back From the French word for "duck", because the Blériot Canard seemed to have a long outstretched 'neck' like a duck in flight Press 'Back' to return
{i} false story, hoax; (Cooking) duck intended for food; airplane with its horizontal stabilizer placed to the front of the wing; airplane with a canard installed
A type of aircraft in which the primary vertical control surface is in front of the main wing
A small wing, usually mounted between the sponsons
An aeroplane designed to fly with its tailplane in front of the wing
An extravagant or absurd report or story; a fabricated sensational report or statement; esp
one set afloat in the newspapers to hoax the public
A deliberately false story
(French) Duck
A hoax Cornelissen, to try the gullibility of the public, reported in the papers that he had twenty ducks, one of which he cut up and threw to the nineteen, who devoured it greedily He then cut up another, then a third, and so on till nineteen were cut up; and as the nineteenth was gobbled up by the surviving duck, it followed that this one duck actually ate nineteen ducks - a wonderful proof of duck voracity This tale had the run of all the papers, and gave a new word to the language (French, cane, a duck ) (Quetelet )
{i} small fixed or movable wings located in front of the main wings of an aircraft (named after the similar airplane from the World War I period)
plural of canard



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    /kəˈnärd/ /kəˈnɑːrd/


    [ k&-'närd also ] (noun.) circa 1859. From French canard (“duck”). etymology note

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