camera angle

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kamera açısı
Englisch - Englisch
angle from which something is filmed or photographed by a camera
Same as "shooting angle" or "viewpoint" The position of the camera relative to the position of the subject
Various positions of the camera that are chosen to give a subject a different viewpoint, perspective or visual effect These positions are usually high, medium, or low; and left, right, or straight on
the angle defined by the position of the subject matter in relation to the camera lens; viewpoint
the angle at which the camera is pointed at the subject: low, high, or tilt Not to be confused with angle of view (or vision), which designates the angle subtended by the lens (cf below, focal length)
the point of view of a camera
The position of the frame in relation to the subject it shows: above it, looking down (a high angle); horizontal, on the same level (a straight-on angle); looking up (a low angle)
camera angle


    cam·er·a An·gle

    Türkische aussprache

    kämrı änggıl


    /ˈkamrə ˈaɴɢgəl/ /ˈkæmrə ˈæŋɡəl/

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