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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} bir kullanıcı bağlanmak isteyince hizmet veren tarafın iletişim bağlantısıdır (bilgisayar)
geri çağır
Geri Arama
(Bilgisayar) geri ara
(Bilgisayar) bildir
callback id
(Bilgisayar) geri arama kimliği
callback modem
guvenlik modemi
callback number
Geri Aranacak Numara
callback to
(Bilgisayar) geri ara
convenience callback
(Bilgisayar) kolay geri arama
modem callback
(Bilgisayar) modem geri arama
Englisch - Englisch
The return of a situation to a previous position or state
a follow-up audition (casting)
A product recall because of a defect or safety concern
a joke which references an earlier joke in the same routine
A function pointer passed to another function that the latter can call for notification purposes
A return telephone or radio call; especially one made automatically to authenticate a logon to a computer network
An object of class CallBack stores a reference to an object and the name of a method implemented by that object When the CallBack object is sent the "invoke" message, it executes the named method in the object it has stored One use of CallBack objects is to handle GUI event processing For example, the Phonebook GUIController has an Add method for adding new records A CallBack to this method in GUIController is attached to the pushbutton object for Add, and whenever the pushbutton is clicked it invokes this CallBack
A callback function or a callback resource
A user authentication scheme used by computers running dial-in services A user dials in to a computer and types a logon ID and password The computer breaks the connection and automatically calls the user back at a preauthorized number
A function which should be called when something happens This function is registered ahead of time The use of callbacks makes event-driven programming much more simple and robust
An application-defined procedure that a widget invokes at some specified time Often the widget invokes a callback from an action routine when the widget receives an event of a given type Widgets that invoke callbacks have resources whose value is a list of callback procedures
After the initial audition, the director or casting director will "call back" for additional - sometimes many - readings those actors who seem most promising Rules of the actors' unions require that actors be paid for callbacks exceeding a certain minimum number
The function to invoke when the watched property changes This parameter is a function object, not a function name as a string The form of callback is callback(prop, oldval, newval, userData)
A callback is a function you write which is called automatically by the system when some event occurs The Weasel makes two kinds of callbacks
A function that informs an application that one of its gadgets has been used
Unscheduled irregular overtime worked at a time when the employee was not scheduled to work, or the employee had to return to the workplace from home Employees are entitled to a minimum of 2 hours overtime pay, or 2 hours compensatory time off, each time they are called to work
(Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
(XML Database Developer's Guide - Oracle XML DB) [definition #2] (XML Developer's Kits Guide - XDK)
DFS: A procedure that is registered with a token to be called automatically if the token is revoked The act of revoking a token is also referred to as a callback
(XML Developer's Kits Guide - XDK)
The object (or method) to be notified at completion of an asynchronous process Typically, when a client process requests something from an MIS, the request includes a pointer to the function to be invoked when the MIS is ready
A product recall bacause of a defect or safety concern
A function which is passed as a parameter to a HEX API function and called when the data requested with that function arrives
A process for invoking a method or a desktop command, or for using the gadget library in an application; the means by which dialogs and gadgets respond to user input For example, when an administrator makes a selection with the mouse, some action is initiated from the user interface to an underlying object representing some system resource or component; that is, the user interface "calls back" to the object to invoke some method or series of methods
Request by home owner for builder to handle a service request
a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)
{i} communications connection in which the service provider calls the user after the user declares that he wants to connect (Computers)
A security feature that lets a host disconnect a remote caller after a successful connection and then recall the remote computer, either for security verification or financial responsibility
An attempt to reach a person who could not be reached on the first try or a follow-up or after-use interview
This feature allows a user to dial in to a computer, type a log-on ID and password, whereupon the computer breaks the connection and automatically calls the user back
a joke that refers back to another joke performed earlier in the show; often presented in a different context
A behavior that is defined by one object and then later invoked by another object when a particular event occurs
callback device
device which makes a connection with a user by calling the user back
plural of callback