call a spade a spade

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Englisch - Türkisch
dobra dobra konuşmak
{k} doğruya doğru, eğriye eğri demek, gerçekleri sakınmadan söylemek, dobra dobra konuşmak
(deyim) açıkça söylemek,dobra dobra sölemek
doğruya doğru eğriye eğri demek
dobra dobra konuşmak
Englisch - Englisch
to speak the truth; to say things as they really are

Can we this quote? Maybe God just calls a spade a spade, when the president talks to God. - Bright Eyes.

(deyim) To "call a spade a spade" is to speak honestly and directly about a topic, specifically topics that others may avoid speaking about due to their sensitivity or embarrassing nature
speak honestly, say what one truly feels, speak openly
call a spade a spade

    Türkische aussprache

    kôl ı speyd ı speyd


    /ˈkôl ə ˈspād ə ˈspād/ /ˈkɔːl ə ˈspeɪd ə ˈspeɪd/


    () A mistaken translation of Ancient Greek τὰ σῦκα σῦκα, τὴν σκάφην δὲ σκάφην ὀνομάσων ('calling figs figs, and a trough a trough'). The word σκάφη (skaphe, “trough”) was mistranslated by the medieval scholar Desiderius Erasmus as σκαφείον (skapheion, “digging tool”).