by way of assumption

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by way of
by way of
yolu ile
by way of
den geçerek
by way of
by way of
-den geçerek
Englisch - Englisch
by way of
Possessing the characteristics, nature, or standing of

From what you tell me, he's by way of being the brains of the family..

by way of
For the purpose of; as a means or instance of

Why they hesitated I never could tell, unless they did it by way of a joke.

by way of
By the route of; through; via

I always go over the wall, by way of the plum tree, said Matilda.

by way of
by means of, as; through, by, via
by way of assumption


    by way of as·sump·tion

    Türkische aussprache

    bay wey ıv ısʌmpşın


    /ˈbī ˈwā əv əˈsəmpsʜən/ /ˈbaɪ ˈweɪ əv əˈsʌmpʃən/

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