bulk mail

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Englisch - Türkisch
(Bilgisayar) önemsiz posta
(Bilgisayar) toplu posta
Englisch - Englisch
Standard (former third-class) mailings of 200 or more pieces (or 50 pounds of addressed pieces) of identical weight Eligible for a discount rate if prepaid and sorted under specific standards
A quantity of mail prepared according to strict postal regulations in order to qualify for postal discounts For more on Bulk Mail click here
represents quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage rates, including discounted First-Class Mail and advertising or non-preferential mail (Standard mail) The Postal Service uses the terms "bulk" and "presorted" interchangeably The term includes parcel post, circulars, or advertising mail generally sent in quantity
– Mail that is rated for postage partly by weight and partly by the number of pieces in the mailing The term is generally used to refer to Standard Mail (A)
Mailings that require special preparation: presorting and bundling, so that it my bypass some handling stages in the delivery process These mailings are sent at discounted bulk rates
A category of third-class mail that refers to a quantity of identical pieces, but addressed to different names A term used in reference to postal standards
sending out advertising material to many addresses, bulk mail
mail consisting of large numbers of identical items (circulars or advertisements) sent to individual addresses at less than 1st-class rates and paid for in one lot
bulk mail

    Türkische aussprache

    bʌlk meyl


    /ˈbəlk ˈmāl/ /ˈbʌlk ˈmeɪl/


    [ b&lk also bulk ] (noun.) 15th century. Middle English, heap, bulk, from Old Norse bulki cargo.

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