breaking strength

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Englisch - Türkisch
kırılma mukavemeti
kopma dayancı
kırılma dayana
(Havacılık) çekme gerilmesi
kopma mukavemeti
kopma direnci
Englisch - Englisch
The amount of tension required to cause material or a system to give way or collapse It is calculated by measuring the amount of force required to fracture a uniform sized sample
The sum of the breaking strength in tension of all the wires of a wire rope when the wires are tested individually Critical Diameter - Diameter of the smallest bend for a given wire rope which permits the wires and strands to adjust themselves by relative movement while remaining in their normal position
The measured load required to break a fabric or rope under tension; also called tensile strength
Tensile load or force required to rupture textiles (e g , fibers, yarn) or leather It is analogous to breaking load in a tension test Ordinarily, breaking strength is reported as lb or lb/in of width for sheet specimens
Resistance to breaking, commonly measured in pounds (Refers to tensile strength )
The ability of fibers, yarns, and fabrics to resist rupture by means of tension
The tensile which polyurethane is at rupture
The tensile which a textile yarn or cable, a steel cord, or a belt is at rupture
breaking strength


    break·ing strength

    Türkische aussprache

    breykîng strengkth


    /ˈbrākəɴɢ ˈstreɴɢkᴛʜ/ /ˈbreɪkɪŋ ˈstrɛŋkθ/

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