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Englisch - Türkisch
ağaç gövdesi
birkaç çeşit kil
(isim) ağaç gövdesi
bole armeniac
(Madencilik) şark kili
bole armeniac
(Madencilik) ermeni kili
bole fork
balçık çatalı
Englisch - Englisch
The trunk or stem of a tree, or that which is like it

A fine powder filled the air and caressed the cheek with a tingle in its touch, and the black boles of the trees showed up in a light that seemed to come from below.

the trunk or body of a tree
{n} a measure of six bushels, stem of a tree, an earth, viscid, soft, friable and slightly astingent
It is composed essentially of hydrous silicates of alumina, or more rarely of magnesia
(noun) a tree trunk
The trunk of a tree
a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa
Trunk of a tree
Main trunk of a tree
The trunk of a tree. the main part of a tree = trunk (bolr)
A bolus; a dose
The main stem of a tree
A colored clay used as a preparatory layer for gilding; its color determines tonality of the gold
{i} tree trunk
a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)
That portion of a tree between a 1-foot stump and a 4-inch top diameter outside bark (d o b ) in trees 5 0 inches d b h and larger
The lowermost part of the trunk of a tree
Gilding - Traditionally, bole is a term that identifies a pigmented clay This clay acts as the base, or cushion, for the subsequent layer of gold leaf Classically terra-cotta in color, the clay can be built up quickly, then polished to a very smooth surface
{i} any of several varieties of fine earthy clay used as pigments; reddish-brown color (Art)
The trunk or main stem of the above ground part of a tree
See Clay, and Terra alba
It was formerly used in medicine
the main stem of a tree; usually covered with bark; the bole is usually the part that is commercially useful for lumber
A measure
a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)
Bole is coloured red-brown clay A bole or bolus ground is one that contains either a natural bole or pigments with a similar colouring
The main stem or trunk of a tree
See Boll, n
An aperture, with a wooden shutter, in the wall of a house, for giving, occasionally, air or light; also, a small closet
The trunk or stem of a tree
The stem of a tree
The main trunk of a tree
Biomass of a tree from 1 foot above the ground to a 4-inch top outside bark
Any one of several varieties of friable earthy clay, usually colored more or less strongly red by oxide of iron, and used to color and adulterate various substances
plural of bole
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    /ˈbōl/ /ˈboʊl/


    [ 'bOl ] (noun.) 14th century. From Old Norse bolr, akin to Danish bul and German Bohle (“plank”).

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