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Englisch - Türkisch
bilgiç kadın
eğitimli kadın
{i} entelektüel kadın
{i} okumuş kadın
{i} aydın kadın
Englisch - Englisch
A scholarly, literary, or cultured woman

The artist who created strong, passionate, brilliant heroines turns out to have disapproved of bluestockings and refused to educate his own intelligent daughters. — New York Times, October 5, 2003.

The American avocet (Recurvirostra Americana)
disapproval A bluestocking is an intellectual woman. a woman who is more interested in ideas and studying than in parties, men etc - sometimes used to show disapproval (From the (actually grey) stockings worn by gentlemen at that time). In mid-18th-century England, any of a group of women who met to discuss literature. Attempting to replace the playing of cards and such social activities with more intellectual pursuits, they held "conversations" to which they invited men of letters and members of the aristocracy with literary interests. The term probably originated when Mrs. Elizabeth Vesey invited the learned Benjamin Stillingfleet to one of her parties; he declined, saying he lacked appropriate dress, until she told him to come "in his blue stockings" the ordinary worsted stockings he was wearing at the time. The word bluestocking came to be applied derisively to a woman who affects literary or learned interests
A literary lady; a female pedant
a woman having literary or intellectual interests
{i} female intellectual, woman who has literary interests
plural of bluestocking





    [ -"stä-ki[ng] ] (noun.) 1790. Bluestocking society, 18th century literary clubs.

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