blanche kelso bruce

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born March 1, 1841, Prince Edward county, Va., U.S. died March 17, 1898, Washington, D.C. U.S. senator from Mississippi during Reconstruction. Born to a slave mother and a white father, he was educated by his father. He moved to Mississippi, where he became a significant figure in state politics and purchased a plantation. In the U.S. Senate (1875-81), he advocated just treatment of African Americans and Indians and opposed the policy of excluding Chinese immigrants. He later served as register of the U.S. treasury (1881-85, 1895-98), District of Columbia recorder of deeds (1889-95), and trustee of Howard University
blanche kelso bruce


    Blanche Kel·so Bruce

    Türkische aussprache

    blänç kelsō brus


    /ˈblanʧ ˈkelsō ˈbro͞os/ /ˈblænʧ ˈkɛlsoʊ ˈbruːs/

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