bir hata yapıldığında söylenir: ay! hay allah!

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Internal kernel error
Acknowledging a minor mistake
feelings You say `oops' to indicate that there has been a slight accident or mistake, or to apologize to someone for it. Today they're saying, `Oops, we made a mistake.'. said when someone falls or makes a small mistake (Natural sound)
An oops is generated on some kernel errors This may be due to kernel bugs or faulty hardware (especially bad RAM) Often the kernel can continue to operate mostly correctly after an oops More serious or potentially dangerous errors can cause a kernel panic (the O/S freezes) This is sometimes done to protect a filesystem from incurring further harm An oops report will appear in the kernel logs, but is only useful to developers after decoding it with ksymoops (see Documentation/oops-tracing txt) Note also that klogd can corrupt oops reports by incorrectly decoding it automatically It is recommended to pass the -x option to klogd on startup to prevent this from happening The plural form is oopsen
{ü} Whoops!; Oh No! (cry of concern or regret, i.e. when something happens accidentally)
Opponents' On Base Plus Slugging = OOBP + OSLG
Used sarcastically to acknowledge a major mistake
bir hata yapıldığında söylenir: ay! hay allah!