bile acid

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(Biyokimya) öd asidi
safra asidi
bile acids
(Anatomi) safra asitleri
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any of the steroid acids produced by the liver, such as cholic acid, that occur in bile as sodium salts and serve to neutralize the contents of the stomach as they enter the duodenum and to aid the emulsification and absorption of fats
Any of the liver-generated steroid acids, such as cholic acid, that commonly occur in the bile in combination with glycine and taurine as sodium salts
any of the liver-generated steroid acids and stored with bile
A 24-C steroid that occurs in the bile in the formn of bile salt Cholic acid & chenodeoxycholic acid are sometimes referred to as primary bile acids; they may be hydroxylated by bacteria in the digestive tract to yield the sec bile acids, deoxycholic acid & lithocholic acid resp
A cholesterol-derived detergent molecule, such as cholic acid, which is secreted by the gallbladder into the intestine to assist in the absorption of dietary lipids
a fluid produced by the liver and used for fat digestion
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bile acids
Even acids
Bile Acids
(Tıp) Safra ile çalışan ve Karaciğerde üretilen yağlanmamayı sağlayan asitler
bile acid