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Türkisch - Türkisch
Deniz, göl, havuz vb. yerlere girerken veya güneşlenirken giyilen, iki parçadan oluşan kadın giysisi
Englisch - Englisch
A brief two-piece bathing suit worn by women

Cole has little but scorn for France's famed Bikini bathing suits. Explains he: French girls, have short legs. Swimsuits have to be hiked up at the sides to make their legs look longer. .

{i} Bikini Atoll, Pikinni Atoll, atoll in Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean where atom bombs were tested by the United States from 1946 to 1958
A bikini is a two-piece swimming costume worn by women. Atoll with about 20 islets (pop. 1999: 13), Marshall Islands, Micronesia. It was administered by the U.S. from 1947 as part of the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands under a UN trusteeship. The U.S. used the atoll for atomic testing 1946-58. The 167 inhabitants were removed before the tests began and returned in 1969, but they were evacuated again in 1978 because of high radiation levels. Cleanup there continued, and in 1997 Bikini was pronounced safe for habitation. The atoll became part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in 1979
a woman's abbreviated two-piece bathing suit
{i} type of women's bathing suit which has two separate pieces; close-fitting bathing suit worn by men or boys
bikini babes
plural form of bikini babe
bikini bottoms
plural form of bikini bottom
bikini line
that part of a woman's pubic region not covered by a swimsuit; normally shaved or waxed free of pubic hair
bikini lines
plural form of bikini line
bikini wax
The use of hot wax to remove pubic hair so that it may be easier to wear a bikini
bikini waxes
plural form of bikini wax
Bikini Atoll
{i} Pikinni Atoll, atoll in Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean where atom bombs were tested by the United States from 1946 to 1958
Bikini Atoll
an island in the Pacific Ocean where the US performed nuclear weapons tests from 1946 until the 1960s
bikini line
A woman's bikini line is the edges of the area where her pubic hair grows. the place on a woman's legs where the hair around her sexual organs stops growing
bikini pants
small and tight-fitting underpants; worn by women
bikini scar
A horizontal scar across the center of the lower abdomen, especially one resulting from a cesarean section
plural form of bikini
Brief underpants that reach to the hips rather than the waist
Plural of bikini
small bikini
daring biking, tiny bathing suit
string bikini
extremely small bathing suit, minimal bathing suit which leaves no room for imagining



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    /bəˈkēnē/ /bɪˈkiːniː/


    [ b&-kE-nE ] (noun.) 1947. Named after Bikini, the name of an atoll where nuclear weapons were tested in July 1946; it was reckoned that the bathing suit would cause as much excitement as an atom bomb.

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