benjamin henry latrobe

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born May 1, 1764, Fulneck, Yorkshire, Eng. died Sept. 3, 1820, New Orleans, La., U.S. British-U.S. architect and civil engineer. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1795. His first important building was the State Penitentiary in Richmond, Va. In 1798, in Philadelphia, he designed the Bank of Pennsylvania, considered the first U.S. monument of the Greek Revival style. Pres. Thomas Jefferson appointed him surveyor of public buildings. Latrobe inherited the task of completing the U.S. Capitol, and later rebuilt it after its destruction by the British. In Baltimore he designed the country's first cathedral (1818). He was active as an engineer, especially in the design of waterworks. He is widely regarded as having established architecture as a profession in the U.S
benjamin henry latrobe


    Ben·ja·min Hen·ry La·trobe

    Türkische aussprache

    bencımın henri lätrōb


    /ˈbenʤəmən ˈhenrē lätˈrōb/ /ˈbɛnʤəmən ˈhɛnriː lɑːtˈroʊb/

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