benevolent assimilation

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The assimilation of a people group, by absorbing foreign people into a new culture, with the primary stated reason being that it is an act of benevolence

Finally, it should be the earnest wish and paramount aim of the military administration to win the confidence, respect, and affection of the inhabitants of the Philippines by assuring them in every possible way that full measure of individual rights and liberties which is the heritage of free peoples, and by proving to them that the mission of the United States is one of Benevolent Assimilation substituting the mild sway of justice and right for arbitrary rule. -- William McKinley, December 21, 1898.

benevolent assimilation


    be·nev·o·lent as·si·mi·la·tion

    Türkische aussprache

    bınevılınt ısîmıleyşın


    /bəˈnevələnt əˌsəməˈlāsʜən/ /bəˈnɛvələnt əˌsɪməˈleɪʃən/


    () This expression was coined and used in 1898 by President William McKinley justifying the invasion of the Philippines.

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