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Englisch - Englisch
Initialism of before the Christian Era
Initialism of before the Common Era

Socrates was tried and executed in the year 399 BCE.

before common era used after a date to show that it is before the birth of Christ
Book Club Edition-Edition of a book printed especially for a book club
Base Civil Engineer
baseline cost estimate
Before the Common Era (formerly B C was used)
Abbreviation for "Before Common Era," which coincides with BC, or Before Christ
Abbreviation: Before Common Era Term replacing BC in the modern timescale, referring to the time before the Birth of Christ
before common era meaning year 0, 2000 years ago
An acronym for "before the common era"
Book Club Edition
battlefield coordination element
This stands for "Before Common Era" and refers to years in the civil/Gregorian calendar It replaces the older, specifically Christian, terminology "BC" ("Before Christ")