battering ram

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This object borne as a charge in a coat of arms
(also ram) A heavy object used by some peoples in history for battering down walls and gates before gunpowder was known to them
A battering ram is a long heavy piece of wood that is used to knock down the locked doors of buildings. They got a battering ram to smash down the door. a long heavy piece of wood used in wars in the past to break through walls or doors. Medieval weapon consisting of a heavy timber with a metal knob or point at the front. Rams were used to beat down the gates or walls of a besieged city or castle. Usually suspended by ropes from the roof of a movable shed, the timber was swung back and forth by its operators so that it banged against the structure under siege. The shed's roof was covered with animal skins to protect the operators inside it from bombardment with stones or fiery materials
large hard tool used to beat in a locked door or wall
a ram used to break down doors of fortified buildings
battering rams
plural form of battering ram
{n} an engine for beating down walls
A blacksmith's hammer, suspended, and worked horizontally
An engine used in ancient times to beat down the walls of besieged places
battering ram

    Türkische aussprache

    bätırîng räm


    /ˈbatərəɴɢ ˈram/ /ˈbætɜrɪŋ ˈræm/


    [ 'ba-t&r ] (verb.) 14th century. The heads of some battering rams were carved in the shape of a ram, an animal renowned for butting with its head.

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