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Alternative spelling of bas relief
A kind of sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they are only slightly higher than the flat background
In digital photography, this refers to an effect produced with a Photoshop filter, which makes an image appear to be slightly raised off the surface
(N) -relief sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background
  See Relief
sculptural relief in which the projection from the surrounding surface is low
A three-dimensional sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background Also called low relief
(aka low-relief) A low relief sculpture that projects only slightly from its two dimensional background
A bas-relief is a sculpture carved on a surface so that it stands out from the background. columns decorated with bas-reliefs. a style of art in which stone or wood is cut so that shapes are raised above the surrounding surface high relief (bas + relief ). or low relief Sculptural form in which figures are carved in a flat surface and project only slightly from the background rather than standing freely. Depending on the degree of projection, reliefs may also be classified as high or medium relief
Sculpture in which the carved forms project only slightly from the background
(pron BAH relief) Sculpture in which the figure projects only slightly from the background
A sculptural carving on a flat surface in low i e not raised relief It was used by the Egyptians as decoration
Sculpture in which part of the surface projects from a flat plane
{i} low relief, sculpture in which the carved images project slightly from the background surface (Art)
A sculptural relief technique in which the projection of the forms is relatively shallow
Low relief, stone-carving technique in which the figure stands out from the background
Low relief; see relief
decoration which is slightly raised from the surface or background
Low relief; the partial carving of figures upon a background
Bas-relief is a technique of sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they stand out from the background. a classic white bas-relief design
(Italian bassorilièvo) A carved relief projecting only slightly from its background
Carving or sculpture raised above a background plane
Refers to any aspect of sculpture which is flat or in the bas relief style
A low or mostly-flat sculpture which is carved into a wall, or is in the form of a tile mounted flat to a wall, rather than a fully three-dimensional, free-standing figure
a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background; no figures are undercut
See Alto- rilievo
Low relief; sculpture, the figures of which project less than half of their true proportions; called also bass-relief and basso-rilievo



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