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Small Australian marsupial, of the family Peramelidae with a distinctive long snout
Any of several ratlike marsupial of the genera Bandicota and Nesokia of southeast Asia
{i} large rat (found in India and Ceylon)
A species of very large rat (Mus giganteus), found in India and Ceylon
any of various agile rat-like terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands; insectivorous and herbivorous
A ratlike marsupial animal (genus Perameles) of several species, found in Australia and Tasmania
It does much injury to rice fields and gardens
Any of about 22 species of marsupials (family Peramelidae) found in Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, and nearby islands. Bandicoots are 12-30 in. (30-80 cm) long, including the 4-to 12-in. (10- to 30-cm) sparsely haired tail. They have a stout, coarse-haired body, a tapered muzzle, and hindlimbs longer than their forelimbs. Unlike other marsupials, bandicoots have a placenta. They are terrestrial, solitary animals that dig pits to search for insect and plant food. Farmers consider them pests. All species have declined, and some are now endangered
bandicoot rat
burrowing scaly-tailed rat of India and Ceylon
rabbit-eared bandicoot
{i} type of small bandicoot (with large ears, pointed nose and a long furry tail) native to Australia and New Guinea, bilby
rabbit-eared bandicoot
bandicoot with leathery ears like a rabbit





    [ 'ban-di-"küt ] (noun.) 1813. From Telugu పందికొక్కు (pandi-kokku).

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