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A flexible joint consisting of a ball in a socket It is used primarily in the front suspension because of its wide range of motion
A movable joint found on the steering linkage and suspension system of a car that permits rotating movement in any direction between the parts that are joined
A flexible joint consisting of a ball within a socket Ball joints act as pivots which allow turning of the front wheels and compensate for changes in the wheel and steering geometries that occur while driving
Spherical assembly allowing pivot rotations for showerheads
The ball joint acts as the link between the vehicle's suspension and the front wheels This small yet critical member of the vehicle's suspension allows for turning of the front wheels by providing a movable link for the spindle (which the front wheels are attached to), when the wheel is turned right and left, the ball joint allows this movement
A flexible joint consisting of a ball in a socket, used primarily in front suspensions because it can accommodate a wide range of angular motion
A flexible coupling in your vehicle's suspension that connects the control arm to the steering knuckle A ball joint is so named because of its ball-and-socket construction Some are designed to never require grease while others should be lubed every six months As the joint wears, it becomes loose The result is suspension noise and wheel misalignment
A flexible joint using a ball and socket type of construction, used in steering linkage setups, steering knuckle pivot supports, etc Their flexibility helps to compensate for the changes in the wheel and steering when turning or hitting a bump on the road There are usually upper and lower ball joints attached to the upper and lower A-arms
A joint between two parts that allows movement in any direction by the two parts Ball joints are most often found in a vehicle's suspension and steering systems
Usually refers to the outboard (wheel) end of a CV joint (halfshaft) The ball joint allows the wheel to steer and move with the suspension and still receive power from the engine The term ball joint can also be used to refer to how suspension components are attached
Swivel joint that provides free movement for steering knuckle and control arm
ball-and-socket joint
a joint that can rotate within a socket a freely moving joint in which a sphere on the head of one bone fits into a rounded cavity in the other bone
ball joint


    Ball joint

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    bôl coynt


    /ˈbôl ˈʤoint/ /ˈbɔːl ˈʤɔɪnt/


    [ 'bol ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English bal, from Old Norse bollr; akin to Old English bealluc testis, Old High German balla ball, Old English blAwan to blow.

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