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{i} tip
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To bribe with a baksheesh
In the Middle East and southwest Asia, a bribe or tip paid to speed up services

Baksheesh (lubrication payment) is often the accepted manner of doing business in the Middle and Far East. However, one must be careful not to confuse ethics with the law.

A kind of bribe that is given to officials; but not money, under any circumstances They are "gifts" -- normally something foreign to that country, e g cigarettes, liquor
A handout whether for a beggar or a bribe to an official Beggars asked for it loudly, officials quietly
money that people in the Middle East give to poor people, to someone who has helped them, or as a bribe (bakhshish, from bakhshidan )
Tipping is a way of life in Egypt, due to the low wages The constant wheedling for "Baksheesh" can become irksome, but a determined "No" or "La'a" usually does the trick Waiters should get about 10%, and your holiday rep will advise on current tipping levels on your ship/hotel Allow around 10-15LE per week for your chambermaid, for instance Taxi and horse carriage drivers expect baksheesh, so negotiate the fare beforehand with no baksheesh - not even for the horse!
{i} tip, gratuity (Persian)
A bribe or tip paid to speed up services. Used in the Middle East and Southwest Asia
a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
Same as Backsheesh





    [ 'bak-"shEsh, bak-' ] (noun.) 1775. Turkish bahşiş Persian بخشیش (bakhšīš, “present; an honorary or pecuniary gratuity; drink-money”), from بخشیدن (bakhšīdan, “to give, grant, bestow”).

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