arızalı süre

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Türkisch - Englisch
(Elektrik, Elektronik) down time
The amount of time a repairable unit is not operating This can be due to being in a failed state, administrative delay, waiting for replacement parts to be shipped, or undergoing active repair
French: temps d'arrêt The period during which a computer system or device is malfunctioning
A period when production is halted at no fault of the employee; the employee is usually paid for downtime
when something (especially a computer or computer system) isn't working (March 1997)
The process of putting one's attention to internal processes and representations within one's mind
The period during which a machine is unavailable for use See also up time
Period during which a computer, communications line or other device is not operating correctly because of mechanical or electronic failure (As opposed to available time, idle time or stand-by time )
The time that a station or antenna is unavailable to support a spacecraft
The length of time it takes for a run
A period when all or part of a system or network is not available to end users due to failure or maintenance
A time interval when a network cannot be used due to equipment failure or other cause
The period of time in which a printing press or computer is not in use
when the computer isn't working
The period during which a machine is unavailable for use Contrast with up time
Français : Indisponibilité Deutsch : Ausfallzeit The period of time that equipment is out of service
The period of time when a machine is not available for production due to a functional failure or maintenance
A period of time during which a computer is not functioning It is inoperable because of temporary or permanent failure of hardware or software, or when routine hardware or software maintenance procedures are indicated
arızalı süre