alley oops

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alley oop
sokak OOP
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plural form of alley oop
Alley Oop
The caveman main character of the Alley Oop comic strip
Alley Oop
An American comic strip created in 1933 by V.T. Hamlin, currently written by Carole Bender and drawn by Jack Bender
alley oop
A play in which one player passes the ball to another, who catches it while airborne and dunks it before landing

Shaq lobs the ball to Kobe Bryant as Kobe finishes for the alley oop.

alley oop
Used to signal the start of a strenuous activity, such as lifting
alley oops


    al·ley oops

    Türkische aussprache

    äli ups


    /ˈalē ˈo͞ops/ /ˈæliː ˈuːps/