all ears

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Englisch - Englisch
listening intently; fully focused

The students were all ears when they found out the topic of the film was reproduction. They were disappointed to discover that it was also about fish.

Awaiting an explanation

I am all ears to find out how my car, which used to have a perfectly functional engine, will no longer start.

listening with one's full attention
all eyes and ears
To be attentive

Seated by my mother, and keeping the ſilence that cuſtom preſcribes to young women, I was all eyes and ears; but when we chanced for a moment in private with Madam l’Epine, I aſked her a few queſtions, the anſwers to which elucidated my obſervations.

be all ears
To listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate

If you think you can suggest a better alternative to spending that much money, I am all ears.

be all eyes and ears
(deyim) Be attentive
I am all ears
I am paying close attention, I am listening carefully
I'm all ears
I am listening with full attention
be all ears
{f} be fervently interested to hear what a person has to say, listen carefully
was all ears
was listening carefully, was paying attention
all ears