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(isim) Alaska
{i} Alaska
alaska cod
alaska morinası
alaska crab
alaska yengeci
alaska fur seal
alaska kürk damgası
alaska yarn
(Tekstil) alaska elyafı
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ABD'nin yüz ölçümü en büyük, nüfus yoğunluğu en az olan eyaleti
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The 49th state of the United States of America. Postal code: AK, capital: Juneau, largest city: Anchorage
An inlet of the Pacific Ocean between the Alaska Peninsula and Alexander Archipelago. AK the largest state in the US, northwest of Canada. State (pop., 2000: 626,932) of the U.S., lying at the northwest extremity of North America. It is the largest in area of the U.S. states, covering 587,875 sq mi (1,522,595 sq km). Bordered by Canada to the east and southeast and facing Siberia across the Bering Strait and Bering Sea to the west, it has the highest point on the continent, Mount McKinley. Its capital is Juneau. The original inhabitants, Indians and Eskimos, are thought to have migrated over the Bering Land Bridge as well as from the Arctic. The first European settlement was established in the late 18th century by Russian fur traders on Kodiak Island. Hudson's Bay Co. traders were also interested in the same area, and Russian-Canadian trade rivalry lasted well into the 19th century. In 1867 William Seward negotiated Alaska's sale from the Russians to the U.S., and the subsequent discovery of gold stimulated American settlement. Alaska was a U.S. territory from 1912 until it was admitted as the 49th state in 1959. Its economy has become increasingly centred on oil and natural gas: since the opening of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in 1977, Alaska has become second only to Texas in the U.S. production of crude oil. Alaska Highway Alaska Peninsula Alaska Purchase Alaska Range Alaska Gulf of Trans Alaska Pipeline Alaska Pipeline
{i} state in the United States that is located in northwestern North America
a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States
Alaska Standard Time
the time of day in the time zone that encompasses most of Alaska
Alaska hand
A king and a three as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em (see king crab)
Alaska hands
plural form of alaska hand
Alaska Highway
formerly Alcan Highway Road through the Yukon, connecting Dawson Creek, British Columbia, with Fairbanks, Alaska, a distance of 1,523 mi (2,451 km). It was constructed by U.S. Army engineers in 1942 as an emergency war measure to provide an overland military supply route to Alaska. It is a scenic route now open year-round
Alaska Native
A member of any of the aboriginal peoples of Alaska, including American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut peoples. Also called Native Alaskan. See Usage Note at Native American
Alaska Peninsula
a peninsula of southwestern Alaska
Alaska Peninsula
A peninsula of south-central to southwest Alaska. It is a continuation of the Aleutian Range between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Peninsula, southwestern Alaska, U.S. It stretches about 500 mi (800 km) between the Pacific Ocean and Bristol Bay. The volcanic Aleutian Range runs along its entire length. It is the site of Katmai National Park and Preserve, Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve, and the Becherof, Alaska Peninsula, and Izembek national wildlife refuges
Alaska Peninsula
a peninsula in southwestern Alaska (a continuation of the Aleutian Islands)
Alaska Purchase
Acquisition in 1867 by the U.S. from Russia of 586,412 sq mi (1.5 million sq km) at the northwestern tip of North America, comprising the current U.S. state of Alaska. The territory, held by Russia since 1741, was considered an economic liability, and in 1866 it was offered for sale. Pres. Andrew Johnson's secretary of state, William Seward, negotiated its purchase for $7.2 million, or about two cents per acre. Critics labeled the purchase "Seward's Folly." Congressional opposition delayed the appropriation until 1868, when extensive lobbying and bribes by the Russian minister to the U.S. secured the required votes
Alaska Range
A mountain range of south-central Alaska rising to 6,197.6 m (20,320 ft) at Mount McKinley, the highest mountain of North America. Mountain range, southern Alaska, U.S. An extension of the Coast Mountains, it extends in a semicircle from the Alaska Peninsula to the Yukon boundary. Mount McKinley, in Denali National Park, is the highest point in North America. Many nearby peaks exceed 13,000 ft (3,960 m), including Mounts Silverthrone, Hunter, Hayes, and Foraker. The range is crossed at Isabel Pass by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Alaska Standard Time
Standard time in the ninth time zone west of Greenwich, England, reckoned at 135°W and used throughout Alaska except for the western Aleutian Islands. Also called Alaska Time
Alaska king crab
large edible crab of northern Pacific waters especially along the coasts of Alaska and Japan
alaska fur seal
of Pacific coast from Alaska southward to California
alaska king crab
meat of large cold-water crab; mainly leg meat
alaska native
a member or descendant of any of the aboriginal peoples of Alaska
alaska peninsula
a peninsula in southwestern Alaska (a continuation of the Aleutian Islands) a peninsula of southwestern Alaska
alaska range
a mountain range in south central Alaska; contains Mount McKinley
alaska rein orchid
similar to coastal rein orchid but with smaller flowers; Alaska to Baja California and east to the Dakotas and Colorado
alaska standard time
standard time in the 9th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 135th meridian west; used in Hawaii and most of Alaska
D. Alaska
United States District Court for the District of Alaska, as used in case citations
Gulf of Alaska
An arm of the Pacific Ocean defined by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, stretching from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island in the west to the Alexander Archipelago in the east
baked Alaska
A dessert consisting of ice cream deep fried in dough
Gulf of Alaska
Gulf, southern Alaska, U.S. Situated between the Alaska Peninsula and the Alexander Archipelago, it receives the Susitna and Copper rivers. Ports on the gulf include Anchorage, Seward, and Valdez; the last is North America's northernmost ice-free harbour and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline's terminal. Capt. James Cook, its European discoverer, entered the gulf in 1778 and proceeded as far north as Prince William Sound
Trans-Alaska Pipeline
or Alaska Pipeline Oil pipeline running 800 mi (1,300 km) north-south across Alaska, U.S. Completed in 1977, it transports crude oil from the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean to an ice-free port at Valdez. To avoid thawing the adjacent permafrost, about half of the line is elevated
University of Alaska
large public university in Alaska with three campuses (in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Southeast)
baked alaska
cake covered with ice cream and meringue browned quickly in an oven
gulf of alaska
a gulf of the Pacific Ocean between the Alaska Peninsula and the Alexander Archipelago
Türkisch - Englisch
state in the United States that is located in northwestern North America

My dog is an Alaskan malamute, not a husky. - Benim köpeğim Sibirya kurdu değil, Alaska kurdudur.

My dog is an Alaskan malamute, not a husky. - Benim köpeğim husky değil, Alaska malamutudur.

of or pertaining to Alaska (USA)
Alaska Kuzey Amerika Hava Savunma Bölgesi
(Askeri) Alaskan NORAD Region
Birleşik Devletler Alaska Komutanlığı
(Askeri) United States Alaskan Command