affordable housing

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uygun fiyatlı konut
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The construction of residential units, along with commercial and industrial development, that provides affordable homes for the individuals in those businesses
Inexpensive dwellings affordable to those of modest income
Housing where the occupant is paying no more than thirty percent (30%) of gross income for gross housing costs, including utility costs Housing that is for purchase (with or without rehabilitation) qualifies as affordable housing if it: (1) is purchased by a low-income, first-time home buyer who will make the housing his/her principal residence; and (2) has a sale price that does not exceed the mortgages limit for single family housing in the area under HUD's single family insuring authority under the National Housing Act
As defined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, any housing accommodation for which a tenant household pays 30% or less of its income for shelter
Housing sponsored by a nonprofit corporation, singly or jointly, with public or private interests that requires some form of public financial support, such as tax incentives or rent supplements Affordable housing is designed to alleviate housing shortages in areas by assisting low/moderate income persons in meeting their housing financial obligations Affordable housing includes the purchase, new construction, or purchase/rehabilitation of single-family and multifamily units
Housing which is intended to serve families or individuals with low, low-moderate or moderate incomes
Housing with market price or rent that is affordable to households of low and moderate income, which are households within the lowest 60 per cent of the income distribution for the Housing Region, as determined by the Ministry of Housing Affordable in this context means annual housing costs (i e gross rent or mortgage principal and interest payment amortized over 25 years and assuming a 25 per cent down payment, and taxes) do not exceed 30 per cent of gross annual household income
Housing is considered affordable if the monthly cost does not exceed a certain percentage of the family's monthly income The acceptable percentage usually ranges from 30-35% of a family's gross monthly income
Dwellings at a rent or price that can be afforded by people who are in housing need and would otherwise be accommodated by the City Council (Full definition in Section 7 0, Housing Policies)
housing which is low cost or subsidised, irrespective of tenure, and is accessible to those who cannot afford to occupy houses that are generally available on the open market
Housing for which the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of his or her income for gross housing costs, including utilities more
means housing where the rent or mortgage plus taxes is 30% or less of the household's gross annual income
Housing, either ownership or rental, for which a household will pay no more than 30 percent of its gross annual income
The U S Federal government has determined that no more than 30% of gross income should be spent on total housing cost Affordable housing must meet that standard See our Affordable Housing Pages
affordable housing


    af·for·da·ble hous·ing

    Türkische aussprache

    ıfôrdıbıl hauzîng


    /əˈfôrdəbəl ˈhouzəɴɢ/ /əˈfɔːrdəbəl ˈhaʊzɪŋ/

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