abu al-hasan al- ashari

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Abu al-Hasan al- Ashari
born 873/874, Basra, Iraq died 935/936, Baghdad Muslim Arab theologian. He probably belonged to the family of Ab Ms al-Ashar, one of the Companions of the Prophet. He joined the Mutazilah school and compiled scholarly opinions in his Maqlt al-Islmyn ("Theological Opinions of the Muslims"). At about age 40 he concluded that his method had led to sterile concepts of God and humanity, and he turned to more orthodox theology. He expanded his Maqlt and authored Kitb al-Luma ("The Luminous Book"). Reflecting on the ideas of al-Muhsib and others, he created his own school, which became known as the Khorsn, or Asharite, school. See also Ashariyyah
abu al-hasan al- ashari