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{i} (AD 573-634) father-in-law of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, first caliph of Mecca
born 573, Mecca, Hejaz, Arabian Peninsula died Aug. 23, 634, Medina One of the close Companions of the Prophet Muhammad and the first Muslim caliph. Some Muslim traditions say he was the first male convert to Islam after Muhammad. He became caliph after Muhammad's death in 632, and during his two years in that office he consolidated central Arabia under Muslim control, engaging in the wars of apostasy (riddah). He also realized the urgency of expanding the regions under Muslim control in order to maintain peace among Arab tribes
Father-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and the first caliph after the Prophet Muhammad died He reigned from 632 to 634 AD
He was one of the greatest companions of Muhammad (pbuh) His full name is Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Muhammad (pbuh) called him as-Siddiq because he always believed in him (pbuh), without any reservation He was the first of the four rightly guided Khalifaas (Caliphs) He was Caliph from 11 to 13 AH (633 to 635 CE) Also spelled Abi Bakr
first Muslim Caliph