aşağı çekme

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An event caused by a roller coaster failing to reach the top of a hill
To roll back
An operation which returns a database, or group of records in a database, to a previous state (normally to the previous commit point)
In DBMS recovery operations, process of computer keeping a log showing changes made to the database, and the log is used to reverse transactions that took place during a certain period of time, such as an hour; also called backward recovery 9 19
Undoing a change in such a way that the net effect is that no change in the state of an application or its data can be perceived In the context of DBMS, this means to abandon a transaction and restore the previous state of the database In the context of exception handling, this is normally a requirement of cleanup after an exception has occurred
Rollback refers to an agreement among Uruguay Round participants to dismantle all trade- restrictive or distorting measures that are inconsistent with the provisions of the GATT Measures subject to rollback would be phased out or brought into conformity within an agreed time frame, no later than by the formal completion of the negotiations The rollback agreement is accompanied by a commitment to "standstill" on existing trade-restrictive measures Rollback is also used as a reference to the imposition of quantitative restrictions at levels less than those occurring in the present
To remove changes that were made to database files since the last commit point
When a recovery unit fails, IDMS-CV automatically recovers the run unit by rolling back the recovery unit This recovery occurs while the CV continues to process other active run units
To abandon a plan: NASA will rollback the shuttle launch due to bad weather
Undoing the changes made by a transaction before it commits You can initiate a rollback by explicitly calling the JDBC Connection method rollback
To force the abandonment of an intention, position, or state of affairs
A rollback is a reduction in price or some other change that makes something like it was before. Silber says the tax rollback would decimate basic services for the needy. an occasion when a tax, price, law etc is reduced to a previous level or changed so that it is the way it used to be roll back roll
A term used in transaction processing that cancels a proposed transaction which modifies one or more tables and undoes changes, if any, made by the transaction before a COMMIT or COMMIT TRANSACTION SQL statement
Synonymous with "undo" The process of recovering a database in which the data before a given change (update, insert or delete) are "undone" to the database
A return to a prior state
reducing prices back to some earlier level
ROLLBACK specifies that all changes to recoverable resources made by the task since its last syncpoint are to be backed out
The event that ends a transaction and nullifies or undoes all changes to resources that were specified during that transaction
Cancel a transaction See transaction
aşağı çekme kolu
pulldown rod
aşağı çekmek
pull down
aşağı çekmek
take down to
aşağı çekmek
haul down
aşağı çekmek
roll back
aşağı çekme