ağzı bozuk tip

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Türkisch - Englisch
Coarsely, vulgarly or lewdly humorous

he curious crowd had collected in the street , with here and there a scoffer uttering his incredulity and courage with scornful remarks or ribald cries.

{n} a loose and mean wretch
indulging in or manifesting coarse indecency or obscenity
humorously vulgar; "bawdy songs"; "off-color jokes"; "ribald language"
A low, vulgar, brutal, foul-mouthed wretch; a lewd fellow
{s} crude, vulgar, offensive
a person who is filthy or vulgar
coarse, filthy, vulgar
a ribald person; someone who uses vulgar and offensive language
Low; base; mean; filthy; obscene
A ribald remark or sense of humour is rather rude and refers to sex in a humorous way. her ribald comments about a fellow guest's body language. ribald remarks or jokes are humorous, rude, and about sex (ribald (13-19 centuries), from ribaut, ribauld, from riber )
ağzı bozuk tip