şaraplı eğlence

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Türkisch - Englisch
To drink wine
A dark purplish red colour; the colour of red wine

wine colour:.

A compatibility layer that allows programs made for Microsoft Windows® to run under UNIX and Linux
{n} the fermented juce of the grape
A liquor or beverage prepared from the juice of any fruit or plant by a process similar to that for grape wine; as, currant wine; gooseberry wine; palm wine
a dark red
The fermented juice of grapes
Made from the fermented juice of grapes If another fruit is used it appears on the label Under 14 to 20% alcohol
when fermented; a beverage or liquor prepared from grapes by squeezing out their juice, and (usually) allowing it to ferment
fermented juice (of grapes especially)
A serving of wine
the beverage portion of communion symbolizing the blood of Christ; equivalent to the grape juice used in some protestant churches Communion wine is fermented grape juice and is therefore alcoholic
An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of grapes
usually the fermented juice of grapes
An alcoholic beverage produced through the fermentation of grape juice Other fruit and vegetable juices, such as dandelion and elderberry are also occasionally used in winemaking, an art the goes back at least 12,000 years
Wine is used to describe things that are very dark red in colour. She wore her wine-coloured gaberdine raincoat
{f} drink wine; serve wine
The common Hebrew word for wine is yayin, from a root meaning "to boil up," "to be in a ferment " Others derive it from a root meaning "to tread out," and hence the juice of the grape trodden out The Greek word for wine is oinos_, and the Latin _vinun But besides this common Hebrew word, there are several others which are thus rendered
a red as dark as red wine
el vino
şaraplı eğlence