şahsi çıkar

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Türkisch - Englisch
Himself, herself, itself, themselves; that specific (person mentioned)

This argument was put forward by the defendant self.

{p} one's own person, the very same
Hence, personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness; as, self is his whole aim
{i} one's own person, one's own body; personality, character, identity; self-interest, personal interests of a particular individual
The part of us that experiences itself as ‘I am’ It’s eternal The part of us that’s in all of our past lives Also called spirit Also called the conscious awareness
pron. one's own individual person; one's own individual identity or personality (myself, yourself, etc.)
12/97Dynamic object-oriented language for applications, Sun, 1986-90
A cat's coat which has the same color all over
Indivisible life as a whole, One without a second The Self does not change at all Unborn, undying, unmoved, unseen, unheard – it simply is
our sense of personal identity (who we think we are) that is a social product and develops over the life course
{s} uniform, homogeneous
(with a small "s"): the ego, personality, or lower mind
material that is part of an individual organism <ability of the immune system to distinguish ~ from nonself>
To place pollen from a male flower on a female flower on the same plant; a plant resulting from such pollination Self-pollination, hence 'selfing'
Expression which refers to receiver Why it's called self? By one account, the receiver is the subject of the sentence where method is the verb, so from the method's standpoint it's itself, though it is strongly suspected that it's the mimic of Smalltalk without deep account -SugHimsi
The individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness; the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena, the agent in his own activities, the subject of his own feelings, and the possessor of capacities and character; a person as a distinct individual; a being regarded as having personality
Same; particular; very; identical
combining form; oneself or itself; "self-control"
şahsi çıkar