ısmarlama iş yapan

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Türkisch - Englisch
Past participle of bespeak
Individually or custom made
of Bespeak
A bespoke craftsman such as a tailor makes and sells things that are specially made for the customer who ordered them. suits made by a bespoke tailor
archaic, past participle of bespeak
Bespoke things such as clothes have been specially made for the customer who ordered them. In the basement fifteen employees are busy making bespoke coats. a bespoke product, especially computer software or a piece of clothing, has been specially made for a particular customer (Old past participle of bespeak )
of clothing
simple past of bespeak
individually or custom made. Originally used in custom-tailoring, but now commonly used in other industries, such as information technology, where there are two types of products: the "pre-packaged" products with a fixed set of features and "bespoke" products which are custom built to meet the customers individual needs
{s} made to order (British)
ısmarlama iş yapan