çırılçıplak geçmek

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Türkisch - Englisch
To move very swiftly
A moth of the family Geometridae Chesias legatella (see )
A continuous series of like events

I hope I can keep up this streak of accomplishments.

A tendency or characteristic, but not a dominant or pervasive one

She's a quiet, bookish person, but she has a rebellious streak.

to run naked in public

It was a pleasant game until some guy went streaking across the field.

{i} narrow irregular line, stripe, smear; rapid movement or something that moves very quickly; trace, small amount; layer, stratum; unbroken series of events; spell or run (of luck, misfortune, etc.)
n the color of the powder of a mineral as obtained by scratching the surface of the mineral; a property used in mineral identification
a marking of a different color or texture from the background
{f} mark with streaks; lighten strands of hair; run very quickly, dash
A mark on the finish of a part usually caused by chip breakers or moving of the part while broaching, see also Tearing
The color of the powder of a mineral If the mineral’s hardness [glossary] is less than 7, the powder can be obtained by rubbing a piece of the mineral across an unglazed, unpolished porcelain surface (Plumbers often can supply unglazed porcelain tiles ) If the mineral has a hardness of 7 or greater, then it probably will be necessary to scratch a small part of the specimen’s surface with a sharp instrument that has an equal or greater hardness
a sudden flash (as of lightning)
A streak is a long stripe or mark on a surface which contrasts with the surface because it is a different colour. There are these dark streaks on the surface of the moon The flames begin as a few streaks of red against the pale brown of the walls
A moth of the family Geometridae Chesias legatella (see w: Streak (moth))
To form streaks or stripes in or on; to stripe; to variegate with lines of a different color, or of different colors
If something streaks a surface, it makes long stripes or marks on the surface. Rain had begun to streak the window-panes His face was pale and streaked with dirt
a distinctive characteristic; "he has a stubborn streak"; "a streak of wildness" a sudden flash (as of lightning) an unbroken series of events; "had a streak of bad luck"; "Nicklaus had a run of birdies" run naked in a public place move quickly in a straight line; "The plane streaked across the sky
If something or someone streaks somewhere, they move there very quickly. A meteorite streaked across the sky = dart
mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained
A winning streak or a lucky streak is a continuous series of successes, for example in gambling or sport. A losing streak or an unlucky streak is a series of failures or losses. The casinos had better watch out since I'm obviously on a lucky streak!. Colour of a mineral in its powdered form, usually obtained by rubbing the mineral on a hard, white surface (e.g., a tile of unglazed porcelain) to yield a streak of fine powder. The streak's colour is usually constant for a given mineral, even if the mineral varies in colour as it occurs in the field or if the streak is different from the colour of the unpowdered mineral. Streak is diagnostically useful because it may distinguish between mineral species that are otherwise similar in appearance
çırılçıplak geçmek