(isim) hollywood

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Area of Los Angeles, known as the center of the American motion picture industry
The American motion picture industry, regardless of location
{i} area of Los Angeles (California, USA) which is the center of the American motion-picture industry; motion-picture industry of the United States; flashy and indecent atmosphere which is characteristic of the American motion-picture industry
You use Hollywood to refer to the American film industry that is based in Hollywood, California. a major Hollywood studio. a part of Los Angeles in California where films are made, often used to refer to the film industry in general. District of the city of Los Angeles, Calif. , U.S. Its name is synonymous with the American movie industry. In 1887 it was laid out as a subdivision by Horace Wilcox, a prohibitionist who envisioned a community based on his religious principles. It was consolidated with Los Angeles in 1910 and became the centre of the movie industry by 1915. By the 1960s it also was the source of much American network television programming. City (pop., 2000: 139,357), southeastern Florida, U.S. Lying along the Atlantic coast, the site was a palmetto jungle when the developer Joseph W. Young laid out the town in 1921. It is now primarily a resort-residential city with some diversified industry. Nearby are Port Everglades (a docking and warehousing facility) and a Seminole reservation
{s} of or pertaining to Hollywood; of or relating to the movie industry in the USA; flashy
Area of Los Angeles, famed for its movie studios
The entire American film and television industry, regardless of location
(isim) hollywood