(argo) esrar, uyuşturucu

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To transform according to a hash function
To make a quick, rough version

We need to quickly hash up some plans.

Of or relating to the process of hashing or hash coding
The result generated by a hash function
The key generated by a hash function
A mathematical algorithm applied to a message or file The resulting output, "hash value" is part of a message digest, used to verify the integrity of the data Sample has algorithms: MD5, DS4, SHA-1, MAC
An algorithm that maps or translates one set of bits into another (generally smaller) set in such a way that: A message yields the same result every time the algorithm is executed using the same message as input It is computationally infeasible for a message to be derived or reconstituted from the result produced by the algorithm It is computationally infeasible to find two different messages that produce the same hash result using the same algorithm
This is a small, fixed length value generated by a function that has the property that different values for the data result in different hash values The hash is encrypted using a private key to create the digital signature
Hashed, chopped into small pieces
Data structure in Ruby which expresses the mapping from key to value It is also called "Associative Array" or "Dictionary" The derivation of hash is the algorithm which is called "Hash table" in the achievement of the structure The word "hash" means "cut in pieces", of "hashed beef" -SugHimsi
chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned chop up; "hash the potatoes
chop up; "hash the potatoes"
Food, especially meat and potatoes, chopped and mixed together
A dish of chopped pork or beef combined with various chopped up vegetables and seasonings Hash is often thought of as a dish that you throw into it whatever is left in the kitchen In the 19th century, cheap restaurants were called "hash houses" and the workers in these restaurants were called "hash slingers "
Also called "hash function" or hashing, used extensively in many encryption algorithms Hashing transforms a string of characters usually into a shorter, fixed-length value or key Information in a database is faster to search when you use a hashed key, than if you were to try to match the original data
A confused mess
A fixed-size result obtained by applying a one-way mathematical function (called a hash or message digest function) to an arbitrary amount of data Given a change in the input data, the resulting hash changes A hash is also called a message digest
(HASH FUNCTION) An algorithm that maps or translates one set of bits into another (generally smaller) set in such a way that
A hash function is a function that easily calculates a hash value but, conversely, makes it difficult to work out the input from the value SHA-1 is a well-known hash algorithm that can be used in the XML signature Digest value calculation
(A) A mess, a muddle; as, "a pretty hash he made of it " A hash is a mess, and a mess is a muddle I'll soon settle his hash for him I will soon smash him up; ruin his schemes; "give him his gruel"; `cook his goose"; "put my finger in his pie"; "make mince-meat of him " (See Cooking )
(argo) esrar, uyuşturucu