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İngilizce - İngilizce
Data Source defines the origination point of the information that is being recorded/captured; designates who provided the information (i e , manufacturer or distributor)
(Data Warehousing Guide)
A Data Source is the remote or local service that a session is established with Normally a data source is a remote database server
The responsible institution for producing data after conducting mathematical operations on it
The data that the user wants to access and its associated operating system, DBMS, and network platform (if any)
  See source
In a mail merge, the variable data that is fed into a main document during the merge process
External data, such as a text file, spreadsheet file, or SQL database that will be loaded into a Hyperion Essbase database
physical objects, states of nature, or processes that can be quantitatively measured or qualitatively described in the form of data; see also data element Source de données
A data source contains the information from which a merged document is created The data source is merged with a main document, which specifies the kind of output required
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The name that applications use to request a connection to an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source It specifies the computer name and (optionally) database that the data source name (DSN) maps to A system data source is a data source that is available to anyone using the computer Data sources that will be used with a Web server need to be system data sources
(Data Warehousing Guide; search in this book)
A handle to a source of data, such as a database
Sets of data and their associated environments which include operating system, DBMS, and network platforms used to access the DBMS that an application wants to access
(Clickstream Intelligence Administrator's Guide) [definition #2] (Clickstream Intelligence User's Guide)
See: data model
data source