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İngilizce - Türkçe
yüzoniki libre
(Askeri) muharebe meteoroloji timi; müşteri bekleme zamanı (combat weather team; customer wait time)
yaklaşık olarak 50 kilo
hundredweight 112 libre
{k} hundredweight
100 libre
{k} A.B.D. 100 libre, 45,5 kg
{k} İng. 112 libre, yaklaşık 50 kg
İngilizce - İngilizce
Coded Wire Tag Small thin wire pins about 2 mm long placed in the nose of hatchery raised Chinook juveniles Each tag provides reference to where the Chinook was raised, the year it was released, how it was grown and other biological information
Code Walk-Through
a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds
Abbreviation for hundredweight using the Roman numeral C=100
An abbreviation for per 100 pounds specified weight It is always qualified as the type of weight involved, e g , gross, net, gross chargeable, dimensional, etc
Hundredweight (100 weight units, such as pounds)
cwt is a written abbreviation for hundredweight. hundredweight. the written abbreviation of hundredweight
Hundredweight (U S A , 100 pounds; United Kingdom, 112 pounds)
a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds
Hundredweight (100 lb) The standard unit used for establishing U S domestic cargo rates, other than specified container rates
The abbreviation for hundredweight, which is the equivalent of 100 pounds
This abbreviation stands for the rate or charge per 100 pounds
Abbreviation for hundredweight An English unit of weight equal to 112 pounds
Abbreviation for 100 pounds of paper; hundredweight
Hundredweight British unit of measurement that was used to designate smaller weapons by the weight of the gun and mounting One hundredweight is 112 pounds (50 802 kg)
Cwt is a hundred weight, or weight in hundreds of pounds For example, 1 ton is 2000 lbs, which is equal to 20 Cwt So a crop of tomatoes that weighs 14 tons (which is 14 * 2000 lbs, or 28,000 lbs) would be equal to 280 Cwt At least that is in the United States In the British system hundredweight is 112 lbs Go figure Anyway, Cwt in the U S is called short hundredweight, while Cwt in the British system is called long hundredweight
Per hundred pounds
hundred weight
Hundredweight, a unit of weight equalling 100 pounds (American, about 45kg) or 112 pounds (British, about 50kg) When applied to vehicles, it denotes the payload of a truck
Compensation work therapy
Hundredweight, a unit of mass
{i} unit of measure (Archaic)