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İngilizce - İngilizce
(Of a line) Having bends; curved; curvilineal
Formed by curved lines
Characterized by curving lines, as opposed to rectilinear which has straight lines
Having bends
Rounded and curving forms which tend to imply soft flowing shapes and compositions
Formed or characterised by curving lines Elements of late Gothic and Art Nouveau ornament are examples of curvilinear treatment of form
Consisting of or bound by curved lines: a curvilinear figure
Type of relationship between two variables represented by a U-shaped curve (either concave or convex)
{s} composed of curved lines; moving in a curved line
Formed or enclosed by curved lines
- A type of woofer cone design where the side of the conical cone are not flat but are curved inward This results in superior off axis performance, which is well suited for automotive use
consisting of, or contained by, a curved line or lines
characterized by or following a curved line; "curvilinear tracery"; "curvilinear motion"
Consisting of, or bounded by, curved lines; as, a curvilinear figure
curvilinear correlation
any correlation in which the rates of change of the variables is not constant
curvilinear regression
the relation between variables when the regression equation is nonlinear (quadratic or higher order)
In a curvilinear manner