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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
arable land
An area cultivated to provide various food products
Land used primarily for the production of row crops, close-growing crops, and fruit and nut crops It includes cultivated and noncultivated acreage, but not land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program Approximately 382 million acres of cropland, including 50 million acres of irrigated land, was in use in the United States during the most recent national resources inventory, conducted in 1992 Cropland is 30% of all non-federal rural lands In 1996, the value of production from cropland was about $108 billion
{i} land for planting crops
Land under cultivation within the last 24 months; including cropland harvested, crop failures, cultivated summer fallow, idle cropland used only for pasture, orchards, and land in soil improvement crops, but excluding land cultivated in developing improved pasture
Land that is planted and harvested with crops or improved pasture Land suitable for manure application is referred to as "available cropland "
Land used regularly for the production of crops, except forest crops
Land used for the production of adapted crops for harvest, alone or in rotation with grasses and legumes Adapted crops include row crops, small grain, hay, nursery crops, orchard and vineyard crops, and other specialty crops Cropland is classified as irrigated, nonirrigated, cultivated or noncultivated acreage Cropland is an important land use in all regions, making up more than 10 percent of the non-federal land in all regions except the Mountain states Major limitations to use of cropland are erosion (52 percent), excess wetness (25 percent), shallow, stony or saline soils (10 percent) and climate (6 percent) [source: USDA-SCS 1982 NRI]
means land used for the production of adapted crops for harvest, alone or in a rotation with grasses and legumes, and includes row crops, small grain crops, hay crops, nursery crops, orchard crops, and other similar specialty crops
Land currently used for farm crops that are harvested on a regular basis
Land under cultivation within the past 24 months, including orchards and land in soil-improving crops but excluding land cultivated in developing improved pasture Also includes idle farmland