court of appeals

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A court to which appeals are made on points of law resulting from the judgment of a lower court. one of 12 law courts in the US that deals with cases when people are not satisfied with the judgment given by a lower court appellate court
The Colorado Court of Appeals is an appellate judicial body which hears appeals of cases from several courts and administrative agencies The Court of Appeals is required to review appeals of decisions from the state administrative appellate body for workers' compensation cases, the Industrial Claims Appeal Panel (Section 8-43-307 through 312, C R S )
The Court of Appeals originated in the seventeenth century During the early years of the settlement of Maryland, the General Assembly sat as a court of law as well as a legislature When the assembly divided into two houses in 1650, the upper house, or governor and council, became the Court of Appeals The Court of Appeals was reformed by the Maryland Constitution of 1776 Judges were appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the council The court sat on the Western Shore in Annapolis By 1805, chief justices of the six judicial districts of the state constituted the Court of Appeals From 1805 to 1851, the court sat at Easton on the Eastern Shore as well as at Annapolis The Constitution of 1851 provided for a single Court of Appeals, which sat at Annapolis Judges were chosen by the electorate
a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies
An intermediate federal court, inferior to the U S Supreme Court but higher than the U S District Court Its function is to review the final decisions of the district courts, if challenged There is a Court of Appeals for the circuit in each of the judicial circuits
A court with appellate jurisdiction that hears appeals from the decisions of lower courts http: //www ca9 uscourts gov/ is a web site of the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court which includes California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Alaska and Montana
Ct. of App
Court of Appeal
Court of Ap·peal Courts of Appeal in AM, usually use Court of Appeals A Court of Appeal is a court which deals with appeals against legal judgments. The case is being referred to the Court of Appeal. the highest law court in Britain apart from the House of Lords
court of appeal
court that rehears a legal case
court of appeals


    Court of appeals

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    [ 'kOrt, 'kort ] (noun.) 12th century. Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cohort-, cohors enclosure, group, retinue, cohort, from co- + -hort-, -hors ; more at YARD.

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