confined space

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İngilizce - İngilizce
Confined space is a term from labor-safety regulations that refers to an area whose enclosed conditions and limited access make it dangerous
1 A workspace with limited entry or exit and not designed for continuous employee occupancy (e g tanks, silos, hoppers, tunnels) 2 An enclosure with less than 19 5% oxygen concentration such as a vault, tank or pipe
An enclosure such as a storage tank, process vessel, boiler, silo, tank car, pipeline, tube, duct, sewer, underground utility vault, tunnel, or pit that has limited means of getting out and poor natural ventilation and that may contain hazardous contaminants or be oxygen deficient
It is or may become hazardous to a worker required to enter an enclosed or partially enclosed space having restricted access and egress, due to its design, construction, location, atmosphere, the materials, or substances in it or other conditions The escape or rescue of workers required to enter a confined space in an emergency may be hindered Examples of confined spaces include but are not limited to: tanks, bins, vessels, towers, furnaces, tank cars, sewers, pipeline, sumps, utility tunnels, dyked areas, excavations, boilers, silos, ventilation and exhaust ducts, vessel skirts, utility vaults, valve wells and pipe racks
Any area that has limited openings for entry and exit that would make escape difficult in an emergency, has a lack of ventilation, contains known and potential hazards, and is not intended nor designated for continuous human occupancy
A confined space is any space with restricted access or egress where (because of the construction, locations, contents or nature of the work done inside) hazardous, gases vapors, dusts, or fumes may accumulate, or where oxygen may be deficient
A tank, vessel, open topped tank, or any other enclosed space that is not designed for continuous occupation A person is considered to be inside a confined space if their head and shoulders are inside the space
Any enclosed area with only one entrance, and/or where hazardous vapour, dust or fumes may accumulate, and/or where oxygen may be deficient
confined space


    con·fined space

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    kınfaynd speys


    /kənˈfīnd ˈspās/ /kənˈfaɪnd ˈspeɪs/

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