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İngilizce - Türkçe
haber verici
[n] ulaştıran
{i} sinyâl cihazı
{i} konuşma aygıtı
{i} konuşkan kimse
İngilizce - İngilizce
Any of several electronic devices that allow people with various disabilities to communicate via displays or artificial speech
Someone who, or something that communicates

We'll let Nick give the presentation next week: he's a good communicator.

{i} one who communicates, one who transmits knowledge or information
An opaque object that indicates the range of communication operations to be performed There are two types of communicators intracommunicator and intercommunicator
Netscape Communicator is a suite of Internet applications It is part of the Business Internet software Find out more about Communicator
a person who communicates with others
Global object that groups application processes together Processes in a communicator can communicate with each other or with processes in another group Conceptually, communicators define a communication context and a static group of processes within that context
- The Communicator allows users to perform a variety of communications functions, such as sending a StargazerNET link to a friend or initiating or joining to a Conference Room or Message Boards The Communicator is a feature of the Control Panel
A generic name for information centric mobile phones In effect a fully featured personal digital assistant and mobile phone in one unit The Nokia 9210 Communicator is an example of such a Symbian OS phone Smartphone
someone who is able to express ideas or their feelings clearly to other people
A tiny personal communications device worn as an emblem on Starfleet uniforms Allows people to talk to the ship when on an Away mission, and talk to each other when on Voyager, similar to a voice activated cell phone
This consists of Netscape's Navigator browser bundled with Netscape's Messenger (e-mail) and Calendar applications as well Often, people use Netscape, Communicator, and Navigator interchangelably to refer to Netscape's web browser
Netscape Communicator is a suite of Internet applications It is part of the Sympatico software Find out more about Netscape Communicator
The creator of a text or message The one communicating Also Author, Speaker, Writer
Two-way "walkie talkie" radios
In MPI, a group of processes that can send messages to each other See also group, , for the PVM equivalent and active set, , for the SHMEM equivalent
Netscape's name for their combo product that includes Navigator, as well as e-mail, newsgroup and page editing components
Netscape Communicator is a suite of Internet applications It is part of the Business Internet software
One who communicates
Items used by the Sailor Soldiers to contact each other when there is trouble
Information centric products with voice capability
plural of communicator
These are compact, lightweight two-way radios (also known as FRS radios) They operate on a 5 2 MHz bandwidth that provides up to a 2-mile range with greater clarity than the old "walkie talkies" BellSouth's communicators include a variety of features depending on the model They include
netscape communicator
One of the graphical browsers or clients for WWW of bigger success and dissemination, it was developed based on in the NCSA Mosaic, and marketed by the company of same name It exists for several platforms, like Windows 3 1, Windows 95, UNIX and Macintosh
netscape communicator
Suite of internet tools containing, among others, the Netscape Navigator, and email, calendar, and management features
netscape communicator
the broad name given to encompass both Netscape Navigator and Netscape Composer
netscape communicator
The name of a suite of programs for using the Internet It includes Navigator as the browser program [week 1]
netscape communicator
A Browser suite designed by Netscape It comes featured with both Netscape Navigator (the browser itself) and Netscape Composer (a webpage design tool) Current versions are 4 77 and 6 0 Netscape Communicator 4 77 and earlier versions are compatible with WebCT Netscape 6 0 is not
netscape communicator
Netscape Communicator is a suite of software components for sharing, accessing, and communicating information via intranets and the Internet Communicator includes components for navigation, (Navigator), email, (Messenger), discussion groups, (Collabra), HTML authoring, (Composer), dynamic information delivery, (Netcaster), real-time collaboration, (Conference), calendar and scheduling, (Calendar), IBM host communications, and Communicator management
netscape communicator
A popular Web browser that has been overtaken in usage by Microsoft's Internet Explorer back to top
netscape communicator
A web suite produced by Netscape Communications Corporation that includes a browser (Navigator), e-mail (Messenger), access to news groups, as well as other functions The icon for Netscape Communicator is a lighthouse
netscape communicator
Netscape Communicator is a dynamic web browser, full-strength email client, and easy-to-use groupware
netscape communicator
Download it free!
personal communicator
a small computer that you can carry with you and use to send, store, and receive faxes, or spoken or written messages



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    /kəˈmyo͞onəˌkātər/ /kəˈmjuːnəˌkeɪtɜr/


    [ k&-myü-n&-"kAt ] (verb.) 1526. to communicate + -or

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