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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} renk vermez
{s} rengi atmaz
{s} solmaz
İngilizce - İngilizce
Having colors that have been dyed or applied to the material in a way that will prevent them from being washed out, running, or fading
The ability to maintain color and not fade excessively under normal conditions
A permanent dye or pigment that won't decay or fade with exposure to elements such as light, acid and heat
A term used to describe fabrics of sufficient color retention so that no noticeable changes in shed takes place during the “normal” life of the garment
If a rug has colorfast dyes, the colors are stable and will not run when washed
Prevents the dyed color of a garment from fading due to sunlight, body moisture, laundry bleaches, or stain removal
Non-fading in prolonged exposure to light
having color that is resistant to fading or running
A pigment or dye that is resistant to environmental exposure, such as light, acid, heat and other atmospheric conditions Scrapbookers use colorfast pens to preserve the journaling and other writing that they add to their albums
Something non-fading even after prolonged exposure to light
{s} fadeless, retaining its original hue (pertaining to a color)
Fabric with good dye retention so that no major change in shade takes place during your sock's normal life
A fabric's ability to withstand environmental exposure, dry cleaning and laundering without fading or bleeding
The characteristic of being colorfast
Ability of a pigment in inks, dyes, stains, coatings and plastics to retain its original hue, chroma and value under conditions of storage and use Generally refers to action by light, but when modified the term may refer to other agents, e g , colorfastness to alkali, to acid, to ultraviolet light, etc
{i} quality of being fadeless, quality of retaining the original hue (pertaining to a color)
Resistance to fading, the ability of a dyed material to retain its color when exposed to light, atmospheric gases or washing which can destroy its color Degree of colorfastness is tested by standardized procedures, depending on the end-use of the material
A term used to describe a dyed fabric's ability to resist fading due to washing, exposure to sunlight, and other environmental conditions