cold shoulder

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İngilizce - İngilizce
A deliberate act of disrespect; a slight or snub
If one person gives another the cold shoulder, they behave towards them in an unfriendly way, to show them that they do not care about them or that they want them to go away. But when Gough looked to Haig for support, he was given the cold shoulder
snub: a refusal to recognize someone you know; "the snub was clearly intentional"
disinterestedness, apathy, cold treatment
If one person cold-shoulders another, they give them the cold-shoulder. Even her own party considered her shrewish and nagging, and cold-shouldered her in the corridors. Deliberate coldness or disregard; a slight or a snub: received the cold shoulder from several members of the club. the cold shoulder to behave in an unfriendly way towards someone that you know shoulder (give sb/get)
The form cold-shoulder is used for the verb
cold shoulders
plural form of cold shoulder
To disrespect someone, especially by ignoring them
give somebody the cold shoulder
To snub, resist or reject somebody; to regard somebody distantly

I must have made him angry with my comment. He’s been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I said it.

give someone cold shoulder
(Ev ile ilgili) Behave towards someone in a way that is not at all friendly, sometimes for reasons that this person does not understand
turn a cold shoulder
(deyim) to treat with neglect or indifference
{f} behave in an unfriendly way toward a person; purposefully ignore someone
give a cold shoulder to
treat in an unkindly manner, behave indifferently towards
give someone the cold shoulder
(Slang) behave in an unfriendly way on purpose, ignore someone
give the cold shoulder
be intentionally cold or unsympathetic, show indifference
turn the cold shoulder
send an unfriendly signal, distance oneself
cold shoulder