civciv sesi

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Türkçe - İngilizce
A feeble utterance or complaint

I don't want to hear a peep out of you!.

To speak briefly with a quiet voice
A quiet sound, particularly one from a baby bird
{n} a sly look, the first appearance
{v} to make the first appearance, look, cry
look furtively; "He peeped at the woman through the window"
To make a soft, shrill noise like a baby bird
The European meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis)
To look, while trying not to be seen or noticed
To begin to appear; to look forth from concealment; to make the first appearance
Any small sandpiper, as the least sandpiper (Trigna minutilla)
A sly look; a look as through a crevice, or from a place of concealment
cause to appear; "he peeped his head through the window"
Positive End-Expiratory Pressure - Airway pressure is maintained above ambient during a machine-generated breath
If you peep, or peep at something, you have a quick look at it, often secretly and quietly. Children came to peep at him round the doorway Now and then she peeped to see if he was noticing her. = peek Peep is also a noun. `Fourteen minutes,' Chris said, taking a peep at his watch. = peek
First outlook or appearance
look furtively; "He peeped at the woman through the window
Pressure applied during breathing out, which helps keep the lungs from collapsing while the baby is on the ventilator
A kind of bird; a sandpiper
speak in a hesitant and high-pitched tone of voice
civciv sesi