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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} sitrat
{f} sitratla
asit sitrik tuzu
limon tuzu,v.sitratla: n.sitrat
{i} sitrik asit tuzu
(Tıp) n.Sitrik asidin tuzu, sitrat
(Kimya) limon tuzu
lead citrate
kurşun sitrat
lithium citrate
lityum sitrat
deptropine citrate
(Tıp) Bronşiyal astma, vasomotor rinit ve bronşitin idame tedavisinde kullanılan tablet ve ampuller
sodium citrate
(Tıp) sodyum sitrat
İngilizce - İngilizce
Any salt or ester of citric acid
To cause to form citrate
{n} a neutral salt formed by the citric acid and a base
cause to form a salt or ester of citric acid
{i} salt or ester of citric acid
A salt of citric acid
ferric ammonium citrate
a mixed salt of citric acid with iron and ammonia, Fe(NH4)3(C6H5O7)2; used to treat anemia, and in the manufacture of blueprint paper
lithium citrate
the lithium salt of citric acid, sometimes used in the treatment of bipolar disorder
sildenafil citrate
The citrate salt of sildenafil, marketed as Viagra, a treatment for erectile dysfunction
sodium citrate
The salt of sodium and citric acid with the chemical formula Na3C6H5O7 and used primarily as a food additive
ferric ammonium citrate
An iron-containing salt, FeNH, used in the treatment of some forms of anemia
sodium citrate
A white crystalline or granular compound, NaO, used in photography and in medicine especially as an anticoagulant of blood stored for transfusion