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İngilizce - İngilizce
A type of road motorcycle, especially as used by biker / bikie gangs
The penis
A helicopter
A knife for chopping food
A tool for chopping wood; an axe/ax
To travel or transport by helicopter
(aka: "duffer" or "hacker") an erratic and/or unskilled golfer whose technique often results in large divots being left on the fairway
An internal circuit in some adjustable frequency drives which regulates output voltage by quickly turning on and off the power applied to the output section of the drive Drives which use a chopper to control output voltage commonly use a diode bridge rectifier input section
A device used to interrupt the path of radiation, as a beam of light, from a single source or to alternate it between two sources
A chopper is a helicopter. Overhead, the chopper roared and the big blades churned the air
{i} person who chops; device for chopping (axe, etc.); helicopter (Slang)
informal terms for a human `tooth'
a grounder that bounces high in the air
an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades
- Originally, a motorcycle that has had all non-essential parts removed (or "chopped") to make it lighter and faster Today, this name generally applies to custom built motorcycles that may have a rigid frame (no rear suspension), an extended fork, and a stretched or elongated appearance
A style of play where chopping is the primary shot
One who, or that which, chops
A large, often crude pebble, cobble, or core tool percussion-flaked to form an axe-like cutting edge along part of its margin; used for diverse chopping and cleaving work (Moratto 1984: 587)
Mirror inside the ISOPHOT instrument that switches between the source position and an adjacent position such that alternatingly the emission from the source and background together and background alone is measured
A player who hits a lot of chops
A natural pebble with a crude, steep cutting edge formed by unifacial percussion flaking
A stone made by taking a few flakes off a pebble or rock fragment, to produce a sharp cutting edge
a butcher's knife having a large square blade
favoured stick maneuver of Sean McAslan, Shawn Limpright, Dean Arsene
plural form of chopper
copper chopper
A police helicopter
logic chopper
A person who makes confusing or specious arguments, especially arguments involving equivocation

The picture we get of a pragmatic gradualist rather than a fierce logic chopper makes him a more human and understandable character.

Alternative spelling of logic chopper
Buffalo Chopper
The origin of the name of the Buffalo Chopper food processing machine is in doubt. While some people claim its name is derived from its shape, others claim that the first machines were used in Buffalo, New York. Still, other people say that the Buffalo Chopper got its name because it was used originally to process tougher meats, and buffalo certainly falls into that category. While the origin cannot be authenticated, the use of the Buffalo Chopper is widespread today
plural of chopper